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- 19 Jan 2023 01:30 #213348

"Pretty Ribbons and Wings..."

- The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


- 17947 Add spawn location settings to Pixelmon Spawners.
- 17947 Added aggression settings to Pixelmon Spawners.
- Added 'debug' dimension type (only accessible if enabled via datapack).
- Added Torch Song.
- Added Aqua Cutter.
- Added Aqua Step.
- Added Flower Trick.
- Added Psyshield Bash move.
- Added Triple Arrows move (Generation 9 version).
- Added Victory Dance move (Generation 9 version).
- Added 2022 Winter cosmetic for all users in Discord for the month of December, Pixelmon Forum linking required.
- Added Cosmetics (Card Backs and Coins) to TCG Trader, configurable in the TCG Config, enabled by default.

- Added Floragato.
- Added Meowscarada.
- Added Crocalor.
- Added Skeledirge.
- Added Quaxwell.
- Added Quaquaval.

- Added 3 decoration blocks with ~3000 combinations (with directionality) for map makers to use for resource packs if adding "custom blocks".

- Updated TCG Shops: Desert A, Desert B, Plains A, Plains B, Savanna A, Savanna B, Snowy A, Snowy B, Taiga A, Taiga B and Grass Gym.
- Updated Battle Arena NPCs to 'Stand Still' aggression level instead of 'Still and Engage'.

- Added Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle logs and leaves to the seesSkyException spawning category.
- Added Poké Sand and its corners to the beach and land spawning category.
- Added Ultra Jungle Vine, Ultra Forest Flower, Ultra Forest Fallen Leaves to the air spawning category.
- Added all Apricorn, Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle logs and leaves to the treeTop spawning category.
- Added all Temple-derived blocks, all Braille blocks, all Unown Blocks, all Berry Wood-derived blocks, Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle-derived blocks to the structure spawning category.

- Aggressively improved memory allocation for clients.
- Improved allocation in spawning thread.
- Added wireframe "debug" mode using F3 + W.
- Added wireframe setting in the graphics.yml config.
- Added F3 + O key bind to toggle animations off.
- Added animation toggle in graphics.yml.
- Improved SMD rendering performance.
- Essence Jars are now craftable (4 Glass, 1 Crystal Block, 1 Wooden Slab, with Dye in the middle, or Glowstone Dust for a random color).
- Updated the trading cap of available trades after first purchase from the TCG Trader to 12, configurable.
- Added ability to give Essence Jars through /tcg give.
- Players can now zoom in and out on the Pokémon model display in the Pokédex and Fishing Log.
- Stantler will now learn Psyshield Bash as an egg move and after evolving into Wyrdeer.
- Updated Hisuian Decidueye's level-up movepool.
- Hisuian Decidueye will learn Triple Arrows after evolving from Dartrix.
- Hisuian Lilligant will learn Victory Dance after evolving from Petilil.
- Updated Raging Fury to its Generation 9 mechanics.
- Suicune can now walk and run on water.
- Drowned boss types now add 20 levels on top of the party lead instead of multiplying the level.
- Extended Enter the Drowned World quest availability until end of January.
- Added 3D Poké Ball in-hand rendering as an option in graphic.yml, defaults false.
- Updated Pixelmon Oven.
- Updated Pixelmon Workplace (Dark and Light).
- Updated Bagon assets.
- Updated Duraludon assets.
- Added an 'Ancient' version of moves with the Obscured status effect. No Pokémon by default learns these moves through level-up.
- Updated Lunar Blessing and Shelter to their Generation 9 effect.
- Updated Cresselia to learn Lunar Blessing at level 72.
- Updated Goomy to learn Shelter upon evolving into Sliggoo.
- Updated Goodra to include Shelter in its level 1 movepool.
- Updated raid catch screen.
- Updated raids to no longer give experience by default.
- Updated and vastly improved shiny particle visibility.
- Updated Dancer (ability) so that it may copy Aqua Step (move).
- Updated PokeStop, PokeChest, PokeDrops and ShopItems to properly use NBT data.

- Added ribbons to datapacks.
- Updated ribbons to store the person that owned the Pokémon when given.
- Updated ribbons to store the time they were given to the Pokémon.
- Updated ribbons to override palettes.
- Added optional suffixes and prefixes to ribbons.
- Added warning for invalid TR move loading in species jsons.

- 17661 Adjust Pokemon photos to be centered, a smaller size, and protrude from their painting less.
- 17661 Make the Painting Frames exactly 2x2 blocks in size.
- 18109 Fixed gigantamax clouds displaying underneath the in-battle raid den.
- 18825 Fixed Pokémon on head display slot not updating properly when switching between palettes and forms of the same Pokémon specie.
- 18959 Fixed Daycare GUI displaying in preview whether or not the child will be shiny before hatching.
- 19050 Fixed invalid moves crashing the player after creating a MissingNo when force-generated through move spec.
- 19217 Fixed being unable to breed Runerigus with an Everstone to obtain Galarian Yamask.
- 19286 Fixed super-flat worlds ignoring the /spawning off command.
- 19318 Fixed online palette Cinderace sprite.
- 19401 Fixed client crash from an NPC with an invalid custom resource skin.
- 19433 Fixed Clear and Tidal bells failing to flash or shine during its ringing phase.
- 19565 Fixed all ball lid recipes to output the new lids instead of old ones.
- 19565 Fixes PokéBall lids being unusable in recipes.
- 19573 Fixed AI not resetting, fixing Forage, Rock Smash and many other targetable external moves.
- 19577 Fixed Essence Jars being stackable.
- 19580 Fixed missing Ultra Gingko derived crafting recipes.
- 19596 Fixed Essence Jars missing crafting recipes.
- 19673 Fixed PokéGift block model rendering invisible.
- 19759 Fixed dens activating repeatedly, ignoring the Minecraft day delay.
- 19772 Fixed keepinventory gamerule failing to apply to a player's stored lures.
- 19777 Fixed Scyther failing to properly drop Miracle Seeds.
- Fixed Defeat Drowned Pokemon quest not counting the defeat of a Drowned Lugia for its quest progression.
- Fixed Fishing Rods using standard appraisal when they've not been appraised.
- Fixed Fly and Teleport (external moves) sending players into the void when used without having used a Poké Healer.
- Fixed Jade Cliffs being spelt improperly in spawning file for Biomes O Plenty.
- Fixed Poké Balls with 0% break chance displaying their respective lids in creative inventory.
- Fixed Pokéballs and Pokéball Lids not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
- Fixed Pokémon losing moves not in their level-up movepool after evolving.
- Fixed Pokémon with a different model for each gender being incapable of using the shiny spec.
- Fixed Rod recipes not using the new NBT item IDs for Pokéballs.
- Fixed Shedinja failing to be obtained when evolving Nincada.
- Fixed TCG cards not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
- Fixed TCG command auto-completion.
- Fixed Tower of Darkness and Tower of Water spawning on top of eachother.
- Fixed /learnmove command not accepting move names that have a space in their name.
- Fixed /pokegive not giving an error when misspelling the species name while using the shiny spec.
- Fixed isHisuian() not identifying Leaden Ball, Gigaton Ball, Feather Ball, Wing Ball, Jet Ball and Origin Ball, failing Hisui the catch system.
- Fixed a client crash caused by an index out of bounds exception related to an egg's ability slot.
- Fixed a client crash caused by power increase of an Incenser.
- Fixed a crash when changing worlds and throwing out a Poké Ball, causing the thrower to be null.
- Fixed a server crash caused by resetting the moveset of a Pokémon.
- Fixed break particles when destroying a Pixelmon oven.
- Fixed catch failure on raids when leveling and learning a move upon raid end.
- Fixed displaying the same chat message twice when you can't pay to teach a 4th move.
- Fixed duplicate UUID console log spam due to a spawning bug.
- Fixed dyed and filled Essence Jars not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
- Fixed empty Pokéballs breaking on Pokémon and breaking during capture before capture attempt is made.
- Fixed entries for Light Ball and Smoke Ball in pokechestdrops.json.
- Fixed failed catches in the raid screen when completing with a full party.
- Fixed global TM moves not including generational TM moves, having commands like /learnmove fail.
- Fixed missing Ultra Elm derived crafting recipes.
- Fixed missing Ultra Jungle derived crafting recipes.
- Fixed non-default form Pokémon appearing with only 1 move when spawned in or generated through commands.
- Fixed shiny particles failing to scale according to the model.
- Fixed the Oven not dropping itself when destroyed.
- Fixed the [Cancel] and [Confirm] buttons rendering at the wrong time in the Daycare UI.
- Fixed the [Next] and [Previous] buttons displaying as a hover in the Daycare UI when the button itself does not exist.
- Fixed water-based Pokémon zooming across the land after beaching themselves.

- 17635 Fixed wild Pokémon surviving on 0%, causing battles to hang until /endbattle is used.
- 18397 Fixed Ice Face failing if it was busted in a previous battle.
- 18397 Fixed Ice Face regenerating as soon as a new hailstorm is created, instead of only at the end of turns.
- 18454 18662 18131 Fixed client crash when hovering over moves while in battle due to cursor textures not being found.
- 19561 Fixed Zorua and Zoroark using the incorrect sprite when disguising as a non-default palette of the targeted Pokémon.
- 19590 Fixed Pokémon taking recoil damage despite failing to attack due to taking confusion damage.
- 19593 Fixed raids failing to count until turn 10 before vanishing.
- 19741 Fixed the client displaying, while in battle, a Pokémon in the party as many times as that Pokémon leveled up.
- Fixed Focus Sashes not working when held by a Revenant Pokémon.
- Fixed Hold Back activating Revenant phases.
- Fixed Mega Pokémon having the incorrect ability when switched back in.
- Fixed Neutralizing Gas not activating Revenant on switching out or fainting.
- Fixed Obscured decreasing evasion in the same turn it increased evasion.
- Fixed Obscured lasting only 1 turn instead of the 3 to 4 turns depending on the move used.
- Fixed Pokémon that switched forms in battle forgetting moves if the moves were not from their learnset.
- Fixed Revenant Pokémon holding a Focus Sash not reviving as per its ability.
- Fixed Revenant Pokémon taking recoil damage before health damage when affected on the same turn.
- Fixed Revenant battles not resetting properly after battle end.
- Fixed in-battle item usage dupe.
- Fixed raids breaking rendering when a client is using Optifine shaders.

- Updated Korean translation.
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
- Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
- Updated Spanish translation.
- Updated German translation.

- Added AbstractClientEntity#setWireFrame.
- Added AbstractClientEntity#isWireFrame.
- Added RibbonEvent.
- Added RibbonEvent.SetDisplayedRibbon with Pre and Post.
- Added RibbonEvent.ReceiveRibbon with Pre and Post.
- Added RibbonEvent.RemoveRibbon with Pre and Post.

Pixelmon Mod View topic - Pixelmon 1.16.5 (2024)
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