How long ago was Noah's ark built? - Answers (2024)

The ark set sail in the 600th year of Noah's life, according toGenesis 7:17. That may have been 756 years after Adam died. So thatmay have been at least 1,656 years after the Creation. But such afigure may have been too low. Most likely, a far longer time mayhave passed between Adam's and Eve's creation and the greatflood.

With Adam awakening in 4025bc, he died at age 930 in 3096bc,before Noah was born in 2970bc (Adams year 1056). The Floodoccurred in Noah's 600th "calendar" year (all events were countedby the new year's day), thus 2370bc Julian Oct 12 (Gregorianequinox Sep 22) is not only his year 600 but also the year 100 forhis son Ham, and the year 969 for his grandfather Methuselah. Theangels on earth as kings are given 970 years (349,200 days) havingruled since Methuselah's birth beginning with the 1st totalabsolute king Alulim who then 300 years later dematerialized(translated) Enoch before onlookers when Enoch spoke againstLarsa's 1st king Kichunna, the worlds 4th angel as absolute king.These events lock in pre-Flood chronology for the 1266 yearcalendar created by these angels in Adams year 390 (40th decadecalled a sar of 3600 days each) in 3636-3635bc. The Flood year isbased on the 360-day calendar using this Oct 12 equinox of 2370bcas year 600 (Adams 1656), the absent new moon 360 days later on2369bc Oct 6 as year 601, the 9-month gestation span of seeingLittle Ararat on 10-01-600 (2369bc July 8) as Shem "rejoicing" onthe ark to the birth of the baby on 7-01-601 (2368bc Apr 4) as the2nd year, and as the new world (Man reborn), marked by Chaldeanpoem of Venus saddling Mars between the Taurus horns (above them inGemini), as well as Mars being morning star then on the new year602 (2368bc Oct 1). This is confirmed by all 27th of odd monthsbeing Chinese day JiaZi including the known January 6 VenusEpiphany as Noah's day 40 of rain (3-27-600) in 2369bc. The Damuzi(Mars) new year of 2368bc is confirmed by rise of 90-day absentMars in 2009bc after 90 leap days (360 Julian years) from 10-01-600(rejoicing on ark to conceive Little Ararat) until; new year1-01-966 (both July 8). Babel's Marduk Street aims to this. AndEusebius agrees that Abram was 9 when the 52-year Marduk calendarwas created the same year Nineveh was also 52 years old, as Babel'sMarduk Temple was too. All things locked into place.

The end result is. asteroid impact was Nov 20, ark door sealedNov 27, rain 40 days to Epiphany Jan 6, with the middle date Dec 17presumed as crossing of everything in heaven, thus Saturnalia. Theark floated 150 days for 520 miles and thus was still being pushedupward 110 days after the rain ceased. Contrary to what Noahthought on day150, the ark was NOT higher than Mount Ararat whenthe rain stopped on day 40 because it wasnt the christening rainthat covered Ararat, the continents were still collapsing intobaptism until the ark got to Ararat and THEN it was under. This isa rate of 45 feet drop every tug of the moon rise and moonset untilland was level with ocean floor 2 miles down.

2370bc is confirmed as Adams year 1656 by the fact that Babylonking Amizaduga Venus (1626-1625bc) is year 2400 which means only1656+744.

And this means Peleg's death must be 340 years, not Egyptian768, not Japan & Greek & Babylon's 740 years after Flood.If Amizaduga's Venus tablets are assumed as year 3600 then theadditional 1200 causes year 6000 to be 1200 years earlier in 775 ADinstead of 1975 AD because it pushes Adam back from 4025bc to being5225bc. Greeks & Babylon revised Adam to 5200bc by regarding300-year Babylon as 1900-1600bc (correctly 1894-1594bc falling whenMoses was born). The end of Amizaduga in 1625bc was not the end ofBabylon who had one last failing 30-year king.

2370bc is also confirmed by other chronologies such as MayanNah's Flood 3114bc is 744 years 180 solar leap days to 2370bc(mistaken as Peleg) because it is another 744 years 180 leap daysto Amizaduga's 1626bc.

Likewise, Egyptian Septuagint 3090-3089bc Noah's Flood is 720years 180 sothic leap days to 2370bc because it is another 720years 180 sothic leap days to the birth of high-preist Jannes in1650bc who Moses defied at 40 in 1554bc. Japanese Flood doesnt dealwith it, instead its 3060bc is based on mass-migration fleeingEgypt in 1600bc as slavery, and also leaving Babylon's last king(1625-1594bc) in 1600bc mistaken as 1460 years after Flood 3060bc,and then beleiving seasonal leap days support this as 1507 years to1554-1553bc.

By the fact that Persian date Mesor 24 as a Xmas eve is Jan 6only from 2033-2029bc, and Peleg's death MUST occur 340 years afterFlood (2370-2030bc) for this to be so. Further, king Cyrus in 560bcis made king as the avatar or return of Noah's spirit, thus Noahhad to have died 1460 years earlier in 2020bc. The Gregorian Dec 20solstice is no longer January 6 before 2100bc, therefore Peleg'sdeath cannot be before that either. This rules out Egyptian Pelegdying in 2321bc or Babylon Peleg dying in 2207bc. In short, if webelieve ALL nations descended from Noah, then the puzzle is provenby ALL calendars and ALL religions and ALL descent, and only as2370bc can it do that. This proves Noah died on Dec 24 of 2021bcwhich the Maya moved the 2020bc Jan 10 date Thoth 1 back 16 days sothat this Phoph or Pop is Pop 0 on Dec 24 and Pop 1 on Dec 25 ashis death 12 days of Xams before Jan 6 winter solstice. It isSCIENTIFICALLY LOCKED by all astronomy not just bible astronomy,and all calendars, not just one favored calendar, all religions notjust one religion, nor by just one book The Bible but by all books.THE BIBLE GENESIS IS TRUE because none of the religious books arepagan, they are just misread by people who cant read what thosebooks once said truthfully.

How long ago was Noah's ark built? - Answers (2024)
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