Elden Ring: How To Beat Tibia Mariner (2024)

Elden Ring is estimated to have almost 100 bosses with more likely hidden away in places that players haven't discovered yet. Some of these Elden Ring bosses are totally unique, but a handful of them appear more than once throughout the game. The Tibia Mariner is one of these recurring bosses.

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Tibia Mariners are skeletal necromancers who sit in a canoe and row around a waterlogged area. D, Hunter of the Dead, in Roundtable Hold will reward you with a trip to Caelid, specifically the Bestial Sanctum, if you defeat a Tibia Mariner, and they're not too hard to fight thanks to their lack of powerful moves and the ability to ride Torrent for the fight.

Where To Find Tibia Mariners In Elden Ring

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There are a few Tibia Mariner bosses in Elden Ring, the first of which can be found relatively early in the game. The first Tibia Mariner is found in Limgrave's Summonwater Village, an aptly-named location for this boss that's only a short ride east along the road from the Saintsbridge Site of Lost Grace.

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The second Tibia Mariner is found in Liurnia of the Lakes in the eastern marshes of the flooded zone just west of the Artist's Shack Site of Lost Grace, which houses a painting that players should stop to look at. The third Tibia Mariner is around the Wyndham Ruins of Mt. Gelmir, and a fourth can be found in the Land of Giants.

Tibia Mariner's Moveset And Weaknesses

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The Tibia Mariner is considered by many to be an easy boss, but that doesn't mean you should underestimate it. The Tibia Mariner has a few abilities that can take players by surprise if they over commit to an attack, and its ability to teleport around the battlefield to summon undead allies makes it hard to fight one-on-one for a long amount of time.

One thing that makes the fight with the Tibia Mariner easier is the ability to ride Torrent, which makes avoiding the boss' summons much easier. The best Spirit Summon to use for this fight is one that summons multiple allies, as this will force the Tibia Mariner's skeletal minions to focus on other targets and you plenty of space to face the Mariner directly.

Mariner's Moveset

  • Summon Skeletons: Summons a handful of skeletal minions over the course of a few seconds. The minions will continue summoning even if the Mariner is damaged.
  • Teleport: The Mariner disappears suddenly and re-appears far from the player, summoning skeletal minions at the same time.
  • Close-Range Wave AoE: Summons a huge wave beneath the boat, which rises above the player and crashes down in a wide area. High AoE damage, and kills his own skeletons.
  • Close-Range Slam: The boat rises up and follows the player's movements for a moment before slamming down. Medium damage, but hard to avoid without running away.
  • Oar Swipe: The Mariner slowly pulls the oar back and swings for a cleave attack on the player's side. High damage, but very slow and very easy to avoid.

Mariner's Weaknesses

The Tibia Mariner doesn't have a huge health pool like some bosses, though its ability to teleport away from the player when taking damage can make it a lengthy fight nonetheless. The Tibia Mariner's main weakness is its low Super Armor (Posture) and slow, easily avoidable attacks – though they do hit hard if you don't get out of range.

The fastest way to beat this boss is to break its Posture and get a Critical Hit in, which can be done more than once in the fight pretty easily. Sorcerers and Incantation-users will find that its slow movement makes the Tibia Mariner an easy target for powerful spells rather than melee hits, though, and Ranged players can fire arrow after arrow at it while avoiding the summons on horseback.

Strategies For Beating The Tibia Mariner

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It's recommended to ride Torrent for the Tibia Mariner fight, as it's much faster to find it again after teleporting away. It's a fight that encourages players to keep the pressure up or eventually be overwhelmed by skeletal minions – thanks to his wide-sweeping, slow, powerful attacks, he often kills these minions himself anyway.

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Ranged players will have an incredibly easy time with this fight as he has no way to close the distance between you, and the summons are slow enough to avoid on Torrent without being hit at all. Melee players won't find this fight too hard, though it's important to keep an eye out for slow, strong moves and dodge accordingly.


The Tibia Mariner only moves by teleporting or rowing itself a few feet forwards, so you don't need to worry about its gap closers or close-range abilities when firing off spell after spell. Ride Torrent in a circle around the Mariner and assign lots of uses to your Cerulean Flask to keep the damage up. Be sure to fully charge your chargeable spells for maximum damage, as you're unlikely to be interrupted at a range. Watch out for it to teleport away, chase it down, and continue casting spells (or firing arrows) to whittle down its health from a safe distance.

Melee Strategies

Depending on if you're on horseback or on foot, the fight can be incredibly easy or a bit of a challenge. On horseback, the strategy is to fully charge Heavy attacks while slowly riding around the Mariner to avoid its close-range sweeps and slams. Being on Torrent lets you find the Mariner again after it teleports away much faster, and helps to avoid its summons too. On foot, dodge away from the Mariner when it raises one side of the boat up to slam you, and run a few steps back when the boss begins to summon a wave beneath the boat for its close-range AoE attack.

Both of these attacks take a long, long time to power up, so you'll have plenty of time to get away. On both horseback and on foot the Mariner is very easy to stagger, so perform lots of Heavy attacks and Jumping attacks to take advantage of this weakness – with the Barricade Ash of War, you can Guard Counter after most of its direct attacks, too.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.


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